a small collection of synthetic sound machines, noisemakers and other audio projects i have lying about.

all samples are live, if i bothered to record any.

july 6 2014

EVEN MORE noisy insects, made for Kaj and Kati who left for foreign shores recently...

Cable snake for some friends who are building a studio locally... made from stuff I had lying about. It can pay off to be a hoarder sometimes.

december 20 2013

more bugs (for kim)

stereo kraakdoos type thing, speakers ripped from an old laptop.

kinda creepy in a way, felt like handling a real insect that size and weight.

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some things; long out the door, or else in use every day

box full o' amps for a thing that we did.

ha ha i am the funny guy

in other news:

splitter box for guitar, sits on top of the amps. swiching jack on the input, only powers up if you plugged in. one of those "why the hell didn't i make this ten years ago?" devices.

the beast at rest

june 24 2012

some stuff old and new...

power amplifier built from a Velleman kit. can get pretty loud for it's size and weight.


creepy-crawlies made for bang og/eller #11 in Copenhagen last wednesday. that was fun...



8 in/out audio mixer with loudspeaker outputs built for a project last year. dirt simple lm386 amplifiers. harvested for parts recently.


march 8 2011

few bits and pieces here... a couples of folks wanted a portable neumann head-type thing for ambient stereo recording about town - a pair of phantom powered condenser mics built into a pair of headphones. yes, they do eat through batteries right quick. they work quite well though.

bunch of LM386 loudspeaker amps for a bunch of mp3 players for kim...

june 11 2009

even though i've a whole bunch of vco's lying around, i thought it'd be nice to have a dedicated function generator - feels more professional, so i can pretend i know what i'm doing.

based on the xr-2206 function generator chip, which basically does all the work. just happened to have one. sine, triangle square and pulse outputs, dc offset, am and fm, goes way above the upper audio range - more than i'll ever need. nice for something built out of junk lying on the bench. really, 'how did i ever manage without one before?'


i really needed a compact, loud, non-distorting bench amplifier that could run on mains voltage and wouldn't topple over when you plug a guitar lead into it. so i made one.

this would probably survive being run over by a truck. 1/4 inch jack, banana, screw terminal and bnc inputs. covering all bases, y'see. the main circuit is pulled from some computer speakers found in the trash. keep recycling, kids.

i obviously enjoy drilling holes in metal.


a view from the bench

and more wood...

simple lm386-based guitar practice amp. tacked a passive tone control onto it. can't remember the specific designs, taken from a few different places...



made for christian at work.


mutebox for use with dmx lighting system. made for limfjordsteatret.

yes it's been ages since i updated this page too...

march 26 2007

jah dub siren. basic 555 based jah oscillator. needs lots of jah reverb. made for jah, bo and the lion out crew.

february 26 2007

dual oscillators in smelly cigar box. not much to say really. the design could have come from an old throbbing gristle site, i'm not sure. have a listen.

they might have been cigars, but they weren't very original and i sure as hell didn't feel very peterfalklike smoking them.


february 28 2006

not too interesting, but looks nice... found this old speaker in a junk shop up north, put some of the guts of one of those nasty marshall mini-amps inside. kept the original 'made in japan' speaker, gave it a power supply. that's real fake veneer there, folks. looks better and, i've convinced myself, sounds better than the marshall. gloria, the workbench amplifier.


november 4 2005

lots of things to play with at once. let's see, the box contains half of a triwave (halfwave? twothirdswave?) from commonsound, going through a 386-based overdrive from runoffgroove. it's either the gracie or big daddy, i can't remember which. another case of having a circuit lying in a drawer and thinking 'that'll do nicely in there'. the joystick is from carrionsound, where i do get a lot of ideas from. this is what it sounds like alone, what i wanted my old video games to sound like. the fire buttons reset the lfo and lower the pitch on the halfwave. so it almost is a full gaming experience. the halfwave also has a ringmod input, and the joystick can be switched from one output to another, so some pretty interesting tones can be made. here we go.

as a bonus, the noistick makes this wonderful sound when the power is cut.

the perils of having several pots on the boil at once. putting together a noise swash and a kraakdoos at the same time, i thought, 'hey, i'll put them in the same box'. the swash has an input blend type thing, so the kraakdoos can go straight into that if desired. this is what that might sound like... and yes, as ever the machine going bananas on it's own. by the way, the swash works fine as a guitar/bass distortion box, and i'll put up some less annoying samples when i make them.

art aficionados will recognise the richard mortensen lithograph. thanks to louise for helping me get it out of a book and onto copper.



september 10 2005

the filtrex from oakley sound systems. very nice analogue filter box filled with all sorts of goodies: an lfo, an envelope generator, cv and gate control, side input control... and a great analogue sound. i really took my time with this, as it's a fairly large build, and it worked straight off. this machine deserves a better front panel, but i just can't afford one, and i can live with dymo labels.

but how does it sound? i don't have any equipment here right now, except for an old drum machine, so that's what you get. this was recorded about twenty minutes after i switched the filtrex on for the first time, so you can tell i'm not really used to the controls. but check out the nice overdrive. i'll post more samples when i get this in the studio... or the studio comes back home... .

june 14 2005

yet another project that's been sitting on my desk this year past. the mini-synth, aka what the hell does this get filed under? great for messing up the guitar, as this and that clip will prove. i like the two-output effect, just as much as i liked the bizarre messages on the original answering machine cassette. they don't get posted here. instead, try a noisy drum machine melody. if that's not enough, here's another. and the obligitory self-oscillating wigout type thing. the design for this honker is at generalguitargadgets.

march 20 2005



the lvn-1, my take on the wp-20 minisynth from musicfromouterspace. really good for 'special effect' sounds. if you have the patience for it, there is a long rambling example of what this thing is about here. for some reason i put all the switches in backwards. i will probably change them when i find my screwdriver. now owned by rune, i think.



ah yes, the obligatory sh101 audio input mod. very simple modification, uses about four components. pity the filter on the sh101 sounds crappy for pretty much anything except the sh101. makes it nice for feeding back into itself from the headphones jack, especially through effects. also nice for adding another vco, really fattens up the sound. i love that phrase so much, i think i'll spell it with a 'ph'. 'phattens up the sound'. sheesh...

quick update: 17 april 2006

go to the schematics page for a little more in-depth information about this modification.



the mighty triwave picogenerator from the mighty commonsound. is it obvious how much of a fan i am of commonsound? this thing is one of the first electronic devices i ever made, and it wasn't without some hiccups. it has all the modifications i could fit, twenty-eight knobs, four inputs and two outputs. the sphere is made from a lamp i found outside an abandoned nightclub. i made this for søvnig mandag, a meeting of electronically-minded folk in aalborg, northern denmark. there should be some pictures from the last meeting in march 2005 at galakse.dk, along with a whole bunch of other fine photography. 'søvnig mandag' means 'sleepy monday', but i prefer the phrase 'drowsy monday'.

while we're on the subject, check out kiloton.tk.

this triwave is dead, it fell off a stage a while back. i'll reincarnate it at some point, and probably build it into a crash helmet or something. however, i have found a recording of it. bear in mind that this is a 6mb file, and bear in mind that it gives a rather small insight into the triwave. the triwave i made was meant for live improvisation, i hadn't really thought about recording it...




a vocoder built from a paia kit. you know what it sounds like. i find it's much more interesting to use it for things it's not normally used for, maybe to modulate (say) a drum machine with a theremin, or vice versa. in the meantime, 'oh superman, oh mom and dad...'

this vocoder is sitting atop the exciting power supply. 15 volts plus and minus. and a couple of leds to prove it. exciting, no?


effects boxes

the bends

modular synth

schematics, etc