the bends.

i dislike this term 'circuit bending' because i think it sounds silly. but i like the idea of trashing something that sounds silly just to make it more interesting.

what you hear is what you see, all in glorious 128kbs whatever.


june 11 2009

another one of those nasty toys. can't remember what it sounds like. 'bzzzt', probably. don't do many of these anymore...

.. ..

march 17 2006

circuit bent yamaha rx-17. typical 80's yamaha 'style', in other words dated. just like the sounds. this lump of plastic has a few things going for it, though: each sound can be triggered by midi without assigning a pad (take heed, alesis, roland). this is a good thing, because i fried the display. and as we can see from the electric-hedgehog-looking thing, it's loaded with contact points. the blinky led's are (sort of) envelope followers. there's room for more.

the rumour on the intertron is that this model drum machine was used on that bloody awful 'last xmas' song by that bloody awful band wham. you know, with the exclaimation mark. i can't believe i spent time programming this drum pattern, but it puts the machine through it's paces.

more drum machines to follow...

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february 28 2006

really ghastly kid's toy karaoke cassette thing. 'handy mate' indeed. the high-quality mic provides ear-piercing feedback at almost any level. it's a cassette player, so not much to mess with. pitch bend, triple speed button. source material is the name of the game here, time to hit the charity shops for some good oldschool tapes. i'm a bit pissed this ate my '20 great truck-drivin' hits' cassette, but i'll blame that on rune... in the meantime, may i present the super d demonstration. what the hell?

thanks to michael for the tape. found on a field trip through his parents' car.

new website logo, perhaps?


september 24 2005

another one of these 'isn't it amazing what people will give to kids' toys. i didn't expect there to be much mangling possibilities in this toy, and there wasn't. but in the right kind of light, you can get it to do this.



september 18 2005

i've seen these things advertised as toys for clubber-type folks who do go to techno raves, what with noisy irritating toys being an integral part of techno raves. that aside, there is a weird flanger/pitchshifter bend in there, as well as a tone control. i put in a direct audio jack, just for fun. i also considered having a sort of clean blend control, but what the hey.

this first sample is of me reading an extract from joyce's ulysses, just to prove i'm a litherarary man. horsenostrilled, indeed. this other one here is a four-to-the-floor stomper we just need more of these days.

this thing belongs to sune, so i guess i should give it back to him. the lesson learned here? don't go leaving stuff like this lying around my apartment .

edit 09122007<by the way christian, thanks for finding it again. tell you what, you want it? it's yours.>


september 16 2005

whoever designed, produced and eventually bought this thing must hate children. i had to pull the speaker out of it, it was so loud you could hear it down the street. my lovely girlfriend reckoned there was nothing i could do that could make it more obnoxious. a few pots, switches, glasses of whiskey and a soldering iron later, and this became the bus to hell. this sample is practically a track in itself. be warned. it gets pretty loud. kasper likes this one. 'man! that shit is dope!', is what he might have said.

our driver today is andreas. from left to right, we have jan-carl, holger, fichter, gudrun, klaus, ilse and bernhard. ulrike is sulking down the back, as usual.



april 7 2005


the annoyance factor. i am not a big fan of mobile telephones. more 'black blob' chips, with very little potential for tinkering. pitch and distortion, not much else. of course the meter follows the sound. made for the april 2005 søvnig mandag. have a listen. don't worry, it's pretty short.


march 20 2005

shooting an elephant. annoying kid's toy made even more annoying. typical 'black blob' chip technology. the brass screws are triggered by the flying lead connected to a cute baby 555 lfo. at a pinch they will function as body contacts. usual pitch and glitch bends. try here for two and a half minutes of insane elephant ramblings.



everybody else seems to be at this circuit bending lark, so i thought i'd have a shot. thanks to mother for finding the machines. spent a rainy sunday finding every possible interesting sound, then built all the switches and whatnot into the tasteful wooden box i found down the charity shop. then took the whole thing to søvnig mandag the next day. i think i should let these guys speak for themselves.

creepy anecdote: when i first started shortcircuiting the orange guy with a screwdriver, it asked me to spell 'knife' and 'blood' constantly until i got freaked and pulled the plug.




effects boxes


modular synth

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